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AK11 LTE Fleet Hub is ATrack’s flagship product, and it is a versatile LTE device suitable for real-time management of both small and large fleets across various market verticals. Additional Wi-Fi hotspot feature offers other in-vehicle devices LTE network access, and Bluetooth feature offers communication with mobile Android/iOS applications. The compatibility with OBDII, J1939, J1708, and FMS protocols mean AK11 is suitable for all vehicle classes. Plug & play adaptors make the installation process quick & easy. Its high sensitivity GNSS design provides fast & accurate vehicle locations, the multiple input/output configurations allow for sensor monitoring, and wired communication interface provides convenient connection to external devices.

AY5i – WiFi GPS Tracker

ATrack is always committed to finding innovative ways to reduce your operating costs and increase your business productivity. Embedded with the leading-edge GPS and WiFi technologies, the AY5i can be used as an alternative solution where the monthly charges for the data transmission over wireless cellular networks are expensive. The AY5i can be deployed directly into your existing WiFi infrastructure and we make the connection to LAN process as hassle-free as possible. Simply just apply relevant WiFi settings to the AY5i and you are good to go!